Our menu consists of a variety of items chosen carefully to meet our savvy foodie clientele's highest expectations of quality and taste.

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MONDAY: Baked eggs with spinach and cream
TUESDAY: Tartine of salmon with poached eggs
WEDNESDAY: Egg salad tartine
THURSDAY: Baked zucchini & tomato
FRIDAY: Blue cheese flat bread and dried figs


Organic Granola parfait with seasonal berries 4.95
Mushroom and Herbs omelette 7.50
Continental Breakfast 9.95
(choice of two shelf viennoiseries plus baguette bread with butter and jam, orange juice and cafe au lait)

Viennoiseries (pastries)

Croissant 1.50
Pain au chocolat 2.50
Pain aux raisins 2.99
Brioche 1.50
Apple or Almond turnover 2.99


Napoléon 3.00
Éclair 3.00
Patisserie du jour 5.75
French macarons 1.95
(French Macaroons)


Salade Niçoise: Butter lettuce, tomato, tuna, black olives, green beans, boiled eggs and potatoes with a mustard vinaigrette 7.95
Saffron Couscous: Salad mixed greens 7.95
Chèvre chaud: Spring lettuce with broiled goat cheese served with croutons, extra virgin olive oil and a white wine vinaigrette 7.95
Cobb Salad: Spring lettuce, eggs, blue cheese, tomatoes, turkey and bacon 7.95

Soup of the day

Cup 5.50
Bowl with croutons and a side mixed green 6.50
Combination 1/2 a salad , soup or salad 7.50


Vegetarian 7.95
Lorraine 7.95


Served with a green salad 8.25
Add-on: Extra petite potato salad 1.50

Le Napoleon Chicken salad, Rotisserie chicken, light mayonnaise, cranberries, oregano on a French baguette
Le Parisien Jambon Beurre on French baguette with butter, swiss cheese, ham & cornichons
Le Boucher Roast beef sandwich on French baguette with Dijon mustard, aged cheddar, and sun dried tomatoes
Le Monte Christo Turkey, tapenade, mozzarella and roasted peppers served on Chiabatta olive bread
The Tulum Turkey avocado on French Baguette with avocado spread, roasted turkey & mixed lettuce
The West Coast Vegetarian, avocado, cherry tomatoes, egg, cheese, lettuce and light French mayonnaise
Le Pain Bagnat Tuna, lettuce, egg , black olives and green beans
Le pecheur Smoked salmon on pumpenickel bread

Le Croque Monsieur

Sourdough bread with melted Swiss cheese and ham with a delicious bechamelle sauce

Tea Sandwiches and Petite Lunch

Served on a French ficelle baguette (skinny baguette) with a petite potato salad
Saucisson rosette and cornichons 7.25
Smoked salmon, dill cream cheese and capers 7.25

Intellegentsia Coffee and Salon des Thés du Monde

Hazelnut latte, Caramel macchiato, Peppermint latte, White choc mocha, Pumpkin spice latte

Cafe latte
American coffee
Espresso (ask for extra shot)
Hot Chocolate
Extra Syrup
Thés du monde
(a selection of teas from all over the world)
Lipton tea
Soy Milk

Cold Beverages

All espresso drinks can be iced (crushed or whole)
Organic Orange juice 3.50
Ginger Iced tea 3.50
Moroccan iced mint green tea 3.50
Perrier (natural mineral water) 2.50
Orangina 2.50
Coca Cola 1.75
Diet Coke 1.75
Sprite 1.75
Diet Sprite 1.75

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