Everything on our menu can be also enjoyed and custom made for your special events

(serves 10 guests) $25 / 10 pieces
Assorted breakfast pastries ( 2 of each)
Croissant, chocolate croissant, raisin danish, almond croissant and Brioche.

(serves 10 guests) $100
Includes Coffee or tea, butter, jam of choice

Organic granola parfait with vanilla yogurt and season's berries, assorted pastries, Organic freshly squeezed Orange Juice.

Jambon / gruyere croissant sandwich with assorted baguette slices.

(Serves 10 guests) $120
Assorted sandwiches or tartines, Le Napoleon salad and dessert platter of 20 mini pastries, and coffee or tea.
Sandwich selection
Jambon beurre: ham and swiss cheese with butter and cornichons( french pickles) served in a Parisian baguette
Chicken salad : chicken with dried cranberries and green onions and light mayonnaise served in a Parisian baguette.
Turkey avocado: Turkey on a bed of avocado spread, and lettuce served in Parisian baguette.
Roast beef , Dijon Mustard, aged Cheddar cheese and sun dried tomatoes served in a parisian Baguette.
Tuna salad: Mixed tuna salad served in a Parisian baguette.
Smoked Salmon: Salmon, Light dill cream cheese, cucumbers and capers served in a organic pumpernickle bread.
egg salad Tartine: Boiled eggs mixed with fine herbs, cornichons, capers and mayonnaise served on a pumperrnickle bread slice
Jambon de parme: Proscuitto , aioli and calamata olives served on pumpernickle bread.

(serves 10 guests) Le Napoleon house Salad $30
(Organic Mixed greens, dried cranberries and roasted honey walnuts with a red wine vinaigrette)

Couscous Salad $40
(Organic Mixed greens, and Saffron Couscous with roasted vegetables )

Cobb Salad $55
(Organic mixed Greens, Boiled eggs,blue cheese, Cherry tomatoes, Bacon)

Nicoise Salad $55
(Organic mixed greens, Tuna, Boiled eggs, hearts of palm, Kalamata Olives, Potatoes )

Greek Merguez Salad $55
(Organic mixed greens, Grilled lamb Merguez, Garbazo Beans, Red Onions, Cucumbers and Greek feta Cheese)

(serves 10 to 12 Guests)
Fresh fruit Salad with Orange blossom $40

Assorted French petits fours and Elegant cookies (palmiers, orange chocolate delight, madeleines ) $30

Mini Petits gateaux de soiree ( 3 for $3.75 )

  • Mini Pastry puffs
  • Eclairs
  • Raspberry mousse
  • Opera
  • Tiramissu
  • Nutella Banana
  • Strawberry Cream pain

    (serves 8 to 10 ) Organic freshly squeezed Orange juice $25
    Coffee, Regular or Decaf $20
    Ginger Iced Tea $15

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